TMSG: Woman Has Given Out 25K Cards Of Kindness To Travelers

Catharine Knight is a frequent flyer due to work, but she's using her situation to lift others spirits with random acts of kindness.

Knight and her son Parker started this random act of kindness project three years ago. They write uplifting messages for people they've never met and may never see again. They write on little cards that Knight can give out to other travelers while she's in the airport or on planes. Each card contains a message that's meant to shine a bit of light into hard days.

They have been doing the cards long before the coronavirus pandemic hit, but since this difficult time Knight wants people to know that there is still some light out there telling CBS News, "People need to know that there's still kindness in this world."

The two of them have written and given out more than 25,000 cards.

Photo: Getty Images