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The Social Dilemma. 2020 is Not All Bad. Adulting is Hard. Dogs & Love.

Chase joins Amy for all 4 things! FIRST THING: They chat about ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix and the dangerous impact social media can have on our well-being. Speaking of our well-being, Amy shares something you can do to give yourself a positive boost! SECOND THING: Do you think 2020 sucks? Well, it does, but it's not all bad. There are a few silver linings from this year to keep in mind. Amy and Chase talk about the craziness of this year and why it's important to limit how much news you're taking in (especially during election season). THIRD THING: Adulting can be hard! Amy goes over a few things that = being an adult (some serious, some trivial). FOURTH THING: Can dogs understand love?! Amy tells us the different ways that dogs show love and affection with their owners. 

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