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An Update On When Raymundo May Receive Winnings For President Trump Bet

Right before the 2016 election, Raymundo of The Bobby Bones Show placed a pretty big bet. He decided to bet $1,000 that Donald Trump would win the presidency.

At the time of the bet, Trump was the underdog so Raymundo's bet was placed on 50 to 1 odds. This meant Raymundo would win $50,000 if Trump won the presidency. As we all know, Trump won the presidency. After Trump won, everyone waited as Raymundo didn't receive his earnings. Raymundo found out that his bet had a stipulation, and he would only win the money after President Trump finished his presidency.

An update as of today (September 29), Raymundo shared that he will most likely be receiving his $50,000 in January 2021. He believes the money will come after the 2020 election is over. If it doesn't happen, Raymundo told the show he would be taking some legal action against the betting company.