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Eddie's Father Offering Free iPhone To 12-Year-Old Son

For years Eddie has told The Bobby Bones Show that he will not be giving any of his kids a phone until they've hit at least 18-years-old. He has always believed that kids don't need phones and giving them a phone too early is just asking for trouble.

Things may be changing because as it turns out Eddie's father has been communicating with Eddie's 12-year-old son about an iPhone. Eddie's father has an extra iPhone sitting around and told Eddie's son that he can have it if his parents are ok with it. Eddie is pretty upset that the conversation has been happening behind his back, but he noted that his father doesn't know how he feels about the kids having iPhones. So his father was seemingly innocent in offering up his iPhone for free, but now it's put Eddie in a difficult situation with his son.

Eddie still believes that his son doesn't need a phone, especially an iPhone with all kinds of apps. However, he knows his 12-year-old is responsible and would probably follow any rules given to him. Bobby Bones suggested to Eddie that he should allow him to have the iPhone with restrictions to start allowing him some responsibility. Let us know what you suggest on our Facebook page.