Morgan2 Almost Flipped Jeep During First Time Off-Roading

A few weeks ago, Morgan2 posted on her Instagram about a wild jeep adventure she had. It wasn't until a listener left a voicemail that the show heard about the incident.

Morgan2 has a Jeep deal with Columbia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Tennessee, where she showcases new Jeeps and posts about her Jeep life experiences on her social media. She decided to take two girlfriends to go off-roading for the first time. She shared in her Instagram post that since it was her first time she had some pretty rookie mistakes when it came to the tires. She never changed the tires over to be in 4W or 4L and because of that the Jeep got caught in a sinkhole and turned the Jeep over on its side.

The situation caused the girls to have to get out of the Jeep and have the owner of the Wooly's Off-Road location they were at, come out and pull them out with a tractor. She documented every moment of the whole situation with a post on her Instagram page.