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Self Sabotage. Lasting Change. Cost of Skinny. Gratitude.

Author Leanne Ellington is on for all 4things this week! FIRST THING: Amy and Leanne talk about self-sabotage, and how we as humans get in our own heads, and convince ourselves that we are ‘weak willed’, or need to power our way through life. Is there a way to convince yourself out of this mindset? SECOND THING: Leanne breaks down the 5 ingredients of self-imaging, and why think-yourself-positive mantras and short-term motivation doesn’t work for lasting change. THIRD THING: Amy and Leanne talk about the ‘cost of skinny’ and how to un-brainwash yourself from the ‘Diet Mentality’. Leanne tells her insane story about her spine surgery and how she was able to identify, and ‘unbrain’ herself from her relationship with food, her body, and herself. FOURTH THING: Leanne breaks down the importance of gratitude & shares 4 things she’s grateful for! * for your own #4things gratitude journal or any #4things + espwa items!!!  


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