AJ McLean Has Lost 25 Pounds While Training For 'Dancing With The Stars'

AJ McLean is a star on the current season of Dancing With The Stars. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually to share what all has gone into his extensive training, what he always does when he dances, and his opinions on the other cast members.

Tonight, McLean will be dancing to a Backstreet Boys song, which as many fans know was the boyband McLean spent most of his music career in. During the first week of rehearsals, producers asked McLean if he would be willing to dance to one of his own songs and he was totally up for it, just didn't realize it would happen so soon into the season. McLean confessed that he's having more fun doing the show than he thought he would. He added that it's a lot work work, especially the work he has to put in when the cameras are off. He went as far to say that the show is more work than putting together an actual tour.

As for the training side of things, McLean shared that when he learned that he was going to do the show, he got back into the gym and lost about 17 pounds before things ever got started. Since starting rehearsals, he has lost 8 pounds. He trains during rehearsals, but then also keeps up with exercise at home on his own. Though his partner Cheryl is keeping him from lifting during his personal exercises so he doesn't get injured. On the topic of his partner Cheryl, he said that the two of them are very similar and get along great.

McLean also shared with Bobby Bones that he realized he always dances with his mouth open, calling himself a "venus flytrap." Though since watching himself perform, McLean says that he's no longer keeping his mouth open as much. Another thing that he shared is that he really enjoyed getting to meet Tiger King's Carole Baskin. He said she's a really kind woman and is glad people got the chance to see another side of her.