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Song Portraits. Music & Moods. Ways to Destress. Holding Hope.

Singer/Songwriter Steve Moakler {@SteveMoakler} is on for the first two things this week! FIRST THING: Amy and Steve talk about the Song Portraits campaign that he’s launched, where you can submit a bid and Steve will write a song for 10 people {super special if you’re trying to be romantic & you have Steve right a song for your significant other!}. Coolest part is: Steve is doing one song as a giveaway to a listener of 4 things! Listen for details on how you can win a song written by Steve, for yourself, or a loved one! SECOND THING: Amy loves finding articles about recent studies that have been done! How does music affect you and your mood or even your ability to concentrate? Do you have a song that really gets you energized, or brings other emotions out? Amy and Steve talk about music that really hits the ‘feels’, how music may help you focus. They also discuss the benefits of using “cheerful words” throughout the day. And then there’s something that you should have present at your next argument with someone...this one thing might help you resolve things more quickly. THIRD THING: Amy has her chiropractor, Gary, on to talk about de-stressing techniques such as belly breathing, and a simple way to stretch to release tension in your shoulders that you’re likely not doing. FOURTH THING: Amy shares a newsletter that she got from a listener/life coach about holding onto hope...just something encouraging during these crazy times. * for links to any ‘espwa’ or ‘4 things’ merch. 

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