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All The Details Around Bobby's Proposal To Caitlin Parker

Last night (October 11), Bobby Bones proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin Parker and she said yes! Bones added some details when he shared the surprising news on his Instagram page, but it wasn't until The Bobby Bones Show this morning that listeners got to hear how everything went down.

Bones shared that while they were in Virginia over the weekend for his TV show filming, Bones had some people coming over to their house to get their barn all setup for the engagement. He covered his tracks with Caitlin and their security cameras by telling her they had people working on the barn this weekend. When they got home, he told her they had a really fancy dinner date planned with some friends. So Caitlin was all dressed up and not suspecting a thing.

That's when Bones told Caitlin that they had to go down to the barn to pick out the colors they wanted to paint the barn before they left for dinner. As they were walking to the barn, Bones told Caitlin that he had actually talked to her dad about asking for her hand in marriage. He then told her that they would pick out the paint color and then he'd tell her more about it. That's when Caitlin opened up the barn door to see candles and decorations setup everywhere. She immediately started crying and Bones took her hand to lead her into the barn. He got down on one knee and told her that she changed his entire perspective when it came to love. He never believed in true love or love that's in the movies, but since he's been with her he knows that it's real. He added that he totally doesn't remember all the things he says but something along the lines of "being obsessed with her." Bones says the engagement went down at exactly 6:11 p.m.

Then they walked outside of the barn to see Mat Kearney. Kearney asked if she said yes, and Bones gave him the thumbs up. Kearney then began performing their song "Nothing Left To Lose." Bones and Caitlin danced to the song and enjoyed their moment together before going off to make phone calls to loved ones. They were sharing the news with Caitlin's parents when they told her that they were actually 5 minutes away. So they got to celebrate their engagement with Caitlin's parents and her sister for about 45 minutes before her family had to drive back to Oklahoma. Then they went to their dinner date with friends and barely got any sleep last night.