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Bobby & Caitlin Revealed When They're Getting Married

While Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin were thanking everyone for their sweet congratulation messages on their new engagement on Instagram, something else got revealed.

The two of them were sitting at Sonic (arguably one of their favorite places), and thanking listeners, friends, and fans alike for their nice messages. At the end of the video, Bones makes a joke about the wedding, and Caitlin quickly responds with the news of their wedding month. Bones was shocked she said it in the video and goes "Oh, breaking news!" For those that missed it, Caitlin said the wedding would go down May 2021.

Bones confirmed that the wedding is happening in May of next year on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (October 14). He shared that the two of them have already started their wedding planning, and Bones confessed he's shocked they have to get started planning so early. He added that the wedding won't be anything extravagant, but they do hope to have all of their loved ones there. He also said that if the pandemic is still going strong, they'd make sure everyone gets tested before attending.

After Bones confirmed the wedding month on the show, Caitlin further confirmed the news with an Instagram post of an unseen engagement photo and the caption "May 2021."