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Lunchbox Prank Called His Own Father As Voting Telemarketer

Lunchbox is constantly making prank calls. Today he arguably made one of his best prank calls yet. He attempted to prank call his own father.

During The Bobby Bones Show (October 14), Lunchbox prank called his father and pretended to be a man named Niko Jackson. He wanted his father to answer questions about the upcoming election. His father tolerated a few questions from Mr. Jackson, like if he was going to vote and if he knew about some ridiculous, made up laws. Finally though, Lunchbox's father had enough and hung up on him.

Mr. Jackson called him back and told him that it was his fault because his phone lost service. That's when Lunchbox's dad said "No, I hung up on you because you're an idiot." That was the end of the prank call and Lunchbox laughed on the show sharing that he called his dad afterwards and confessed he was Mr. Jackson. His dad laughed and reiterated that he thought the guy was an idiot.