Raymundo Co-Writes "The Wedding Song" For Fiancé

After getting engaged at the end of 2020, Raymundo shared a teaser of a song he wrote for bae (Laura) for their wedding day. Now he's finally shared the entire song on his Instagram.

The song is called "The Wedding Song" and it was co-written by Raymundo, Eric Dodd, and Bruce Wallace. Listeners of Bobby Bones Show may recognize Dodd as he's the same artist, and friend that wrote "Baecation" with Raymundo last year. "The Wedding Song" doesn't have a rapping feature from Raymundo, but Raymundo and Eddie are background vocals for the track. Dodd is the main singer on the song as he shares the story of Ray and Bae.

The chorus in the song is a nod to them celebrating their big day in Nashville; "Look at you shining underneath the Nashville sunset // Here I am dreamin' bout all the days we haven't lived yet // Let's celebrate this special day like you taught me to love a birthday // Live our lives away." In the lyrics sharing their story, they recognize that they met through a friend who had originally matched with Laura on Tinder; "I know we had a very Tinder beginning." And as the song continues, they recognize the difficult struggles Raymundo and Laura faced in their relationship; "We got a place downtown, Paradise Park // The news came in. Live got hard // Stage 3 diagnosis, your hair's all gone // We shed a few tears but not for long // You were so savage like Megan Thee Stallion."