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Memory Lane. Ups & Downs. Acting on Dreams. Doing the Unexpected.

Amy does the intro, but today is a podcast takeover hosted by Amy's sister, Cristi, and her husband, Ben. FIRST THING: Cristi and Ben tell (possibly) embarrassing stories about Amy, and how each of them met their own ‘Ben’. They also reminisce about Amy & Cristi's mom, Judy, and the influence she had on their futures through church & prayer. SECOND THING: Cristi and Ben talk about a hard time in their relationship, how we all go through ups & downs together, comparing yourself to others, and they share a story about author Shauna Niequist. THIRD THING: Enneagrams, risk taking, and their move to Colorado and the opening up a coffee shop {@roothouseco}. Was it all meant to be? FOURTH THING: The Spanish phrase, Vamos Afuera, is Cristi and Ben's life motto, so they share why that stuck with them. They also talk about the TV show that they are filming, and how that came to be! 

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