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Bobby Won't Have His First Drink Of Alcohol At His Wedding

Listener Chris from Arkansas called into The Bobby Bones Show today (November 6) and asked Bobby Bones a big question about his wedding.

As longtime listeners of the show know, Bones has never had a drink of alcohol in his entire life. He has a family history of addiction, and he never wanted to tempt himself to fall into the same patterns. So he just chose to stay away from things he could get addicted to like alcohol. However, he has always said that one day he would at least try alcohol in a controlled setting to see what it tastes like and have the experience one time. Bones fiancé Caitlin also isn't much of a drinker.

Bones has yet to comment on if they will have alcohol at their wedding, but he did answer Listener Chris' question. Chris asked if Bones would finally have his one drink on his wedding day since it will be a big celebration. Bones shared that he wouldn't be, because he feels like all of the eyes would be on him during that moment and that's not what he wants to happen. He added that there will just be too many people there, so it wouldn't be the best place for that to happen for the first time.