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Bobby Admits He Likes Being The Little Spoon Sometimes

During The Bobby Bones Show today (November 13), Bobby Bones got very vulnerable and admitted to something unusual he likes.

Bones shared that he likes to be the little spoon. Yes, that kind of little spoon. He shared that when he and his fiancé Caitlin cuddle, he sometimes asks her to hold him because he likes being the little spoon. He confessed that sometimes he can't sleep very well, but as soon as Caitlin holds him, he fells asleep in minutes. He's not sure why this happens, but says it probably has something to do with not being held much as a child.

Caitlin came onto the show a little later in the show and added her input. She shared that it's not weird to her that he likes to be little spoon, but it is a little funny. The show members all gave Bones a hard time, with Lunchbox and Raymundo saying that it's not the manliest thing to do in a relationship. Caitlin didn't seem to mind, she said he likes it so of course she'll do it for him. She added that he also likes her to do the arm thing, which basically means just holding his arm with both of her hands.

Watch above as the show gives Bones a hard time for wanting to be the little spoon, and hear how Caitlin feels about it.