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Parker McCollum Learned To Play Guitar From YouTube

Parker McCollum's song "Pretty Heart" is racing up the country chart and today (November 13) he made his debut on The Bobby Bones Show.

McCollum's career began in Texas. He was in orchestra as a kid, but he confessed he wasn't really great at it. He said that he and one of his good friends were the last chairs in violin. His brother is a guitar player and a songwriter, but McCollum never had an interest in playing guitar until his brother was doing it. He confessed that he just wanted to do what his big brother was doing so he went to YouTube to learn how to play.

For a long time, McCollum shared that he didn't know how to get any gigs in Texas, but he did eventually get some. Right after putting out his first album and playing a gig, McCollum met Randy Rogers Band. Randy Rogers had just started a management company and he wanted to sign McCollum. That was the moment that McCollum believed his career was finally going to start going somewhere.

Though McCollum dropped his new EP Hollywood Gold this year, things haven't always been smooth due to the pandemic. When safe shows were starting back up again, McCollum was set to play a show. But while he was in Gulf Shores, Alabama he was trying to eat some bacon and thought it tasted weird. He also remembered not being able to smell it. He got concerned right away that he had coronavirus, and a test confirmed it. Thankfully he never had any other symptoms, but he had to cancel the upcoming show, and quarantine out on the farm.

Before Parker McCollum left, he made sure to perform an acoustic version of his song "Pretty Heart."