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TMSG: Florida Food Bank Sets Goal To Hand Out 9K Turkeys By Thanksgiving

The All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota, Florida is hoping to provide thousands of families in need with a proper Thanksgiving meal this holiday season.

The nonprofit has set a goal to hand out 9,000 turkeys to families in need before Thanksgiving hits. They have already kicked off their efforts. Their first day of handing out frozen turkeys and "all the fixings" went extremely well with them handing out over 700 turkeys. Hundreds of cars lined up for meals.

The food bank has sent for more turkeys and hopes to hit their goal for all of those struggling due to the pandemic. In addition to the goal of handing out 9,000 turkeys by Thanksgiving, the nonprofit plans to serve 4 million meals to families in need over the holiday season.

Photo: Getty Images