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Bobby's Christmas Gift For His Fiancé Caitlin Gets Spoiled

Bobby Bones loves to plan surprises and do things for the people he loves.

He had been planning to do a surprise for his fiancé Caitlin's Christmas present. He shared today (November 17) on The Bobby Bones Show that he had been setting up getting a fire pit installed at their house. He knew Caitlin really loves fires and wanted one at their house, so he was working with someone to make it happen. He was going to have them build it and put it in while they were out of town for filming of one of his TV shows.

However, when they were on his phone the other night looking at something, a text message came through. The text message was from the installation person who was giving Bones an update on the fire pit. Caitlin saw it and the whole Christmas present surprise was ruined, at least as he puts it while talking about it on the show (above). However, Caitlin shared in a video Bones posted to Twitter that she was still really excited and the surprise wasn't ruined, she just found out earlier than planned.