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TMSG: 100-Year-Old World War II Pilot Still Flies Every Week

100-year-old World War II pilot Harry Moyer says there's no place he'd rather be than in the sky.

Moyer still flies every week. He marked his 100th birthday by taking off into the skies. It's possible Moyer is the oldest active pilot in the world. His family submitted a video of Moyer flying on his birthday to the people at Guinness World Records in hopes he will break a record. However, Moyer doesn't care much about it.

It was 1942 when Moyer started flying with the Army Air Corps. He served as a combat pilot throughout the war, including a stint with the famed Flying Tigers that defended China from the Japanese.

Moyer encourages others to live to fulfill their dreams with CBS News, "Just don't sit back and just say, 'My God, that's too dangerous. It's not. Take a chance."

Photo: Getty Images