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TMSG: Barber Shop Steps In To Help Run Restaurant When Staff Gets COVID

Jersey City eatery Würstbar was going to have to shut down their restaurant after one of their employees was exposed to the virus. Instead of having to shut down, unexpected help came in from neighbors in their community.

Würstbar had adapted its business model to meet the current guidelines. However, a staff member was exposed to the coronavirus. Management decided it was the best course of action to shut down temporarily so everyone could get tested and return to work safely.

Word of the Würstbar's crew being quarantined made the rounds in the community. In less than 24 hours, workers from Virile Barber Shop just up the street offered to lend a hand by taking shifts to keep Würstbar open for business.

The crew at Würstbar couldn't thank the employees at Virile Barber Shop enough for their efforts and help in keeping their place open during a difficult time.

Photo: Getty Images