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Kimberly Schlapman Says Her Daughters Are Huge Fans Of Little Big Town

Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town may be having to stay at home due to the pandemic like all artists, but that hasn't stopped her from working on some projects. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share what she's been up to including her Children's book and some cooking tips straight from her home.

In January of 2020, Little Big Town put out their latest record Nightfall. However, like many artists they didn't get a chance to really tour with the new music. They were able to tour for 6 weeks, but had no idea their concert with their family would be one of their last. Schlapman shared that she was on her way to bus call the following weekend when she got a call that the show had been postponed. Then the following day, the rest of their tour got postponed. As of now, Little Big Town has some shows on the books for late April 2021, but Schlapman isn't sure they will stay scheduled.

Having the year to be home with family allowed Schlapman to focus on some of her other projects. Schlapman is now a children's author. She released a children's book A Dolly For Christmas: The True Story Of A Family's Christmas Miracle. The story is about Schlapman and her family's journey of adopting a baby named Dolly. Her daughter Daisy started praying for a baby sibling when she was just 4-years-old. After about 5 years of praying to God, Daisy asked Santa for a baby. Schlapman and her husband overheard Santa tell Daisy that he's not sure he was able to give her a baby. But just a little time later, Schlapman and her husband got a call about a baby girl needing a family. So they "got a Dolly for Christmas." Schlapman's children's book is all about their family's true story to gaining another family member. She shared with Bobby Bones that they had tried everything to have a baby, but unfortunately everything ended in loss and heartbreak for them. So they had decided to go the adoption route, and their daughter Daisy's prayers worked. The book is available anywhere you can get books from places like local bookstores, Amazon, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

On the topic of her kids, Bones asked if Schlapman's daughters were a fan of Little Big Town. She said they are, and in talking about their recent single "Wine, Beer, Whiskey," Schlapman shared that both Daisy and Dolly love the song. She noted that obviously Dolly doesn't understand what it means, but Daisy does. Daisy was with Schlapman and the other members of Little Big Town when they were touring bar gigs in their career.

With Thanksgiving coming up, Schlapman offered some cooking tips before she left the show. She shared that she likes to cook her turkeys with injections in them and she has a great recipe for it in her cookbook. She also gave an easy side dish for anyone to make this upcoming holiday season for green beans. She said to get fresh green beans from the store, wrap them in bacon, drizzle some brown sugar on them, and then bake up to serve.