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'The Good Son' Inspired Game Gets Very Uncomfortable On The Show

The Good Son is a movie from the 90s, where a mother has to choose between saving her son or her nephew from falling off a cliff. The movie was the inspiration behind The Bobby Bones Show's latest game.

All of The Bobby Bones Show members names were thrown into a hat, then Bobby chose two names from the hat and made each show member choose one of the names. Things got really uncomfortably awkward as show members chose to theoretically save one show member over another. Bobby had to choose between Amy and Raymundo, Eddie had to choose between Bobby and Lunchbox, Amy had to choose between Scuba Steve and Hillary, Morgan had to choose between Amy and Lunchbox, and Raymundo had to choose between Lunchbox and Eddie.

Watch above as the show members struggled with who they were going to theoretically save.