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TMSG: Dads Bake, Deliver Thousands Of Cookies To Frontline Pandemic Workers

Furloughed teacher Scott McKenzie decided he was going to learn something new every week. He learned to make cookies from scratch for the first time and posted about his accomplishment on Facebook.

That's when middle school English teacher Jeremy Uhrich saw and posted his cookies right back saying he bet they were better than McKenzie's. That's when they challenged each other to a bake-off and decided to let some of the frontline heroes in their Huntington, PA community judge the treats as a thank you for what they're doing during the pandemic.

This challenge inspired Cookies for Caregivers, a Facebook group where other residents could volunteer to make treats for first responders and business owners. Since April, more than 100 bakers have joined the group, baking and delivering more than 15,000 cookies and cakes to workers at local hospitals, grocery stores, fire departments and more.

The cooking continues and each week McKenzie and Uhrich brainstorm a list of workers that could use a sweet pick-me-up or have the bakers nominate people. Then Bakers drop the cookies off at Uhrich's where he and McKenzie organize and deliver them to businesses in large containers.

Photo: Getty Images