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Jon Pardi Wrote New Song "Look At You" Just For His First Dance At Wedding

Jon Pardi stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about life lately, his TV show on CMT, and he brought a special guest with him. He performed a few of his big hits, and played the newlywed game with his fiancé Summer against Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin.

Pardi and his fiancé Summer's TV show is called Pardi Time and airs on CMT and his social media channels. He said the show has given him purpose to actually start filming things. He didn't think it would be funny, but when he sent the footage to his producers, they loved it all. They shared on the show that they're doing a stay honeymoon at their ranch, but there's nothing special happening during it. They just don't want to travel right now.

On the topic of their ranch, Pardi confessed that he loves working out on his land. He says it gives him purpose, and it's very different from his career in music. With farming, he can see his work being done and finishing, but with his music career things are constantly needing to be done.

While Pardi confessed that he doesn't know much about his wedding happening tomorrow (November 21), he did share the few details he did know. His wife has been busy planning the whole thing, and he knows they made koozies that say "Pardi Time." He also shared the special song he wrote for the big day. It's a brand new song that he wrote this year called "Look At You." While he's not singing it at the wedding, he did record it to be played over the speakers for their first dance. Summer has already heard an acoustic version of the song and she loved it.

Before leaving to get married, Pardi performed his big hits "Ain't Always The Cowboy," "Head Over Boots," and "Dirt On My Boots."