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Amy's Pile: The 'First-Ever' Christmas Song Made Exclusively For Dogs

This holiday season is bringing the gift of Christmas to all our dog friends ears. A song that claims to be the first-ever Christmas single designed exclusively for canines has been released.

The dog food company released "Raise The Woof." The song was created based on scientific research into the ways dogs interact with sound, and with input from animal behaviorists. They used the help of a focus group of 25 dogs, who were played more than 500 sounds and analyzed for their responses. They recorded the track at the famous Abbey Road London music studio. And proceeds from a limited-edition vinyl version will be donated to the organization Dudes & Dogs.

The song uses a reggae beat and sounds of bells, squeaky toys and owners' instructions. Videos posted online from dog owners show that the song is already a big hit with their beloved family members.

Photo: Getty Images