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Sam Hunt Has Been Focused On Writing Songs For Himself Lately

Sam Hunt dropped his latest album Southside earlier this year, right as the pandemic was making a big hit. At the time, there was no indication that 2020 was going to take the turn that it did, but Hunt shared on The Bobby Bones Show today (November 30th) that he wouldn't change a thing.

While opening up about the Southside album, Hunt confessed that he had a specific date in mind for this album's release. However, regardless of what was happening with the pandemic, Hunt didn't want to change up the release. He told Bobby Bones that he's still glad he put out the album when he did. He has changed his tune around releasing albums. Before he jut wanted to put out the best music possible, but he has found a new interest in being able to release albums.

As for working with other artists, Hunt hasn't been doing much of that lately. Early on in his career, he was a big songwriter for other artists. But in recent months, he's been writing songs for himself and his records. He says that focusing on songs for himself makes it easier for him to be able to "scratch out a record [of all his songs]." But he does miss writing more openly and for other artists and hopes to get back into that in the near future.

Before leaving, Hunt brought in some Bluegrass players his new brother-in-law Mason knows to perform some Bluegrass versions of his songs "Hard To Forget" and "Take Your Time."