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A New Outweigh Song. Staying Calm. Homeless Kits. Inspiring Quote.

FIRST THING: Amy is back for all Four Things! In the First Thing, Amy debuts the chorus of a song that Brittney Spencer is writing about Outweigh! And then Amy shares a newsletter that Lisa Hayim sent out. SECOND THING: Staying calm, something that has been pretty hard to do this year. Amy shares some tips that she’s been using that might help you out, especially if this year is a little more than what we all thought it would be. THIRD THING: Amy gives another update about Steven from Home Street Home. Then she talks about some ideas and ways that she, and you to, can help the homeless this year, and maybe brighten someone’s day who might be a little down on their luck.  FOURTH THING: Amy shares a quote that has resonated with her lately. She also talks about the meditation app that she uses!

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