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Bobby Sets Himself On Fire In Sneak Peak For His TV Show's Filming

Bobby Bones has been filming for his TV show Breaking Bobby Bones all over the country.

While filming for the different episodes, Bones has shared some behind the scenes photos and videos to get all of his fans excited about the show's premiere. In his latest sneak peak from set, Bones shared that he was doing some stunt work and one of those stunt moves was setting himself on fire. The video shows someone putting applying something to Bones arm and then lighting it on fire. He then quickly moves his arm back and worth as if he's trying to put the fire out and then blows on it.

He shared on The Bobby Bones Show today that this past weekend's filming has him a little banged up. He shared that the fire wasn't hot like if one actually got caught on fire, but he did feel some of the heat and it was crazy. He also revealed in his caption that "we're getting closer" to the premiere, which means that the show should be hitting National Geographic the coming months.