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Caitlin Brings On Summer Pardi For Latest 'Unfancy Cooking' Episode

Bobby Bones always talks about his fiancé Caitlin being a great cook. She started her own cooking series Unfancy Cooking on YouTube.

On the latest episode, she brought on a special guest. Summer Pardi came on with Caitlin and they cooked up some enchiladas. During the episode the too share some girl talk and then at the end Bobby Bones and Jon Pardi make a special appearance. Though, they weren't there just to say hi, they guys taste tested the enchiladas and loved it. Caitlin says the easy enchilada recipe will "fulfill your spicy cravings."

Also in an outtake from the episode shared on Bones Instagram page, he revealed that Caitlin lost her wallet and while she was cooking, he found it outside of her car.