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Guy Orders Inflatable Grinch For Christmas, Ends Up Being Bigger Than House

49-year-old Ray Liddell wanted to impress his daughter Jasmine with a spectacular Christmas decoration. He decided to order something online to amp things up, but what he got was not what he was expecting.

Liddell purchased an inflatable Grinch decoration, however he didn't look at the size measurements provided in the item description. When it arrived, the inflatable Grinch decoration stood at 35-feet tall, taller than his home. He paid roughly $678 for the inflatable. After the Grinch was up, people started dropping by to see the Grinch and take photos with it.

That's when Liddell had an idea. When people came by the house to take photos, he asked them to donate to Alice House Hospice, because they were the people who took care of Liddell's father until he recently passed away from coronavirus. The accidental purchase allowed Liddell to make his daughter very happy and give back to his community.

Photo: Getty Images