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TMSG: Police Officer Adopts Little Girl He Met During Welfare Check

Two and a half years ago, Arizona police officer Brian Zach was working the night shift when he was called to check on a home.

During his welfare check, Zach found Kaila and immediately knew something was wrong. He told ABC 11, "I went there and realized that her injuries were definitely abuse and they needed to be investigated. I took care of her, took her back to the station [...] We watched 'Wreck It Ralph,' and we just bonded."

This was the third time Kaila's abuse had been reported and she was badly injured. At the time, Zach was a father of two children and couldn't stop thinking about the situation. When he went home that evening he told his wife about the situation and that he just "wanted to bring her home." So that's exactly what they did. Child protective services needed to find Kaila a temporary home and that's when the Zach family stepped in. Days turned into months, and months turned into years.

Kaila is now four years old and the Zachs were officially able to adopt Kaila this year. Zach shared, "The best thing to come out of 2020 is the fact that we gained an official member of our family."

Photo: Getty Images