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Keith Urban Performs Bobby Bones Show "God Whispered My Name" Version

Last week, Bobby Bones talked about some of his favorite country songs of 2020. He asked The Bobby Bones Show to share their favorite songs of the year, and he shared his top 3 picks.

Bones chose Maddie & Tae's "Die From A Broken Heart" for number 3, and Morgan Wallen's "Chasin' You" for number 2. Topping Bones list was Keith Urban's song "God Whispered Your Name."

Urban saw that Bones picked his song for best country song of 2020 and that inspired him to record a special version of "God Whispered Your Name" just for Bones and The Bobby Bones Show. Urban shared the video on social media of his new edition of the song where he thanks Bones in the key of the song, while also wishing the show "Happy Holidays." He ended the special version of the song with a "Viva la vaccine!"

Photo: Getty Images