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Bobby Shares Photo Of Fiancé Caitlin's Christmas Gift

As soon as December arrived, it was full fledged Christmas time. That's the case for Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin. They've shared several photos and videos online of them getting into the festive spirit.

Turns out Bobby Santa arrived early this year as well. Bones shared on his Instagram a photo of the gift he gave Caitlin this year. The gift was a fire pit for their home, one that she found out about a little too early. Bones explained what happened in his caption,

"My Christmas gift to @caitcparker was given a bit early this year! While we have been gone, the last couple weeks working, I hired a team to build her a fireplace on the back porch that she so badly wished the house had. Sadly it wasn’t a total surprise bc we were watching TikToks on my phone when the text “we can have the fireplace done by the 15th” came across the screen. It wasn’t a total surprise but still a wonderful addition to the house . Merry Christmas Caitlin! I love you!!"

Despite the gift not being a total surprise, by the look on Caitlin's face we'd say she loves it!