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The Show's $69 Christmas Gift Exchange Went Down

The Bobby Bones Show's annual Christmas gift exchange went down today (December 18). Everyone on the show drew to have one person they had to gift an item to for the holidays. The theme of the gift exchange was $69, every present had to cost $69. Some of the show members got creative with their ways of spending $69, while others hit the exact amount.

The gift exchange featured some interesting gifts from movie chairs to vinyl records to all cash and lottery tickets. Check out everyone's gift below and what they got from other show members during the annual gift exchange!

Bobby Gifted Amy $240 In Cash

He used his $69 on a bet on two Arkansas games and won $240 to gift all the cash to Amy!

Eddie Gifted Bobby A Portrait Of Stanley

Morgan2 Gifted Eddie A Vinyl Record Player and Hillary Gifted Lunchbox A Pair Of Running Shoes

Amy Gifted Morgan a 69 Minute Massage and Mike D Gifted Hillary A Schitt's Creek Sweatshirt

Abby Gifted Mike D a Customized Movie Chair and Scuba Steve Gave Abby $69 In Lottery Tickets

Lunchbox Gifted Raymundo Corona Seltzers, An Autographed Football, & Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Kit

And another gift given was Raymundo's to Scuba Steve. It was a hookah pipe, which can't be photographed.