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Best Of: Trusting Yourself. Oprah’s Story. Be the Change. Recovery Talk.

FIRST THING: Do you trust yourself or do you look to outside sources for direction and validation? Glennon and Amy talk about how easy it is to find our directions from everything outside of ourselves, but living authentically comes when we can learn to slow down and listen to our inner selves.


SECOND THING: You would think that gratitude would come easily to someone like Oprah, but Amy shares Oprah’s story about how she had to refocus her intention to get back into a daily practice of finding things to be grateful for! 


THIRD THING: Dr. Beverly Tatum, psychologist and author of “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” is on to continue the conversation about race. She is here to help us learn how to break the silence and how we can bring about change.


FOURTH THING: Amy and her sister Cristi {@cristidozier} talk about Amy’s recovery from her disordered eating. Cristi shares her perspective from watching Amy’s struggle with this and how much change and growth she has seen in her. 

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