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Lunchbox Talked With 911 For Over 30 Minutes To Stop Drunk Driver

Lunchbox was recently faced with a situation and decided to do everything he could to help the police officers in his area.

He was driving and saw a drunk driver swerving all over the highway. So he called 911 to let them know about what was going on and ended up staying on the phone for 30 minutes as 911 helped in trying to get cops to his location to stop the situation. Though, when the cops arrived they ended up pulling over the wrong car. Lunchbox called 911 back to let them know that the drunk driver was still on the loose. They just acknowledged it and then hung up the phone.

Lunchbox was disappointed that he tried to help for a solid chunk of time, but it didn't seem to make a difference with the drunk driver. He saw the drunk driver pull off the highway and get away.