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Raymundo Shares Crazy Story From Honeymoon In Aruba

Raymundo and his wife Laura just got back from their honeymoon in Aruba after the holiday break. During The Bobby Bones Show today (January 7), he shared some details and a crazy story from their adventure on the island.

While Raymundo said most of the trip was really fun and full of eating at the local restaurants and drinking at the hotel bars, Raymundo said there were some wild moments. He shared that his wife actually slipped and fell while walking around their exclusive resort. She hurt herself pretty bad, but Raymundo was unable to find any Tylenol to ease the pain. Raymundo said that for whatever reason Tylenol doesn't exist at stores there. Though, there was a local guy on the island who was constantly trying to sell drugs to them every day. So when Raymundo got desperate to find Tylenol for his wife, he decided to ask the man who seemed to have a lot of drugs.

So Raymundo approached the guy and the guy had a network of several other people on the island who were also selling things. The guy started hollering to people and Raymundo got really sketched out, he was worried that he was going to end up in jail because it looked like he was trying to buy drugs. So instead of waiting to see how things panned out, he ran away from the situation as quickly as he could. Laura never got Tylenol until they made it back into the states on their flight home.