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Amy, Lunchbox, & Scuba Steve Tried To Beat World Record For Eating Nuggets

The Guinness World Record for eating the most chicken nuggets in three minutes was beaten by Leah Shutkever in November 2020. The record was achieved as part of Guinness World Records Day.

Amy, Lunchbox, and Scuba Steve thought they could beat her record, which was eating a total of 16 chicken nuggets in 3 minutes. They said it sounded pretty easy, but Bobby Bones even dumbed down the challenge for them. He shared that if Lunchbox or Scuba Steve could get over 10 nuggets then every nugget after that under the 3 minute time limit would give them $10. For Amy, it was after 9 nuggets eaten. However, none of them even got that far.

Scuba Steve ate the most, finishing 6.5 nuggets. Lunchbox came in second, finishing 3 nuggets. Amy came in last, only eating 1.5 nuggets.