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Seaforth Addresses Them Using The Same Look As Raging Idiots

Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots have been a comedy duo for several years. They've always had a very well-known look with Bones sporting his black rimmed glasses and Eddie wearing a dress hat. Recently, Eddie saw a promotional photo of Seaforth sporting a very similar look.

So The Bobby Bones Show brought on Seaforth this morning (January 11) to talk about their look. Bones asked the guys if it's possible they modeled their look after The Raging Idiots. They joked that they have wanted to be like the Raging Idiots for years. However, it was confirmed that Mitch, the one who wears the black rimmed glasses, wears them due to poor eyesight, not just for the look. Though Seaforth and the Raging Idiots agreed to play a game of chance in the studio. If Raging Idiots win, then Seaforth has to retire their look for a year. If Seaforth wins, then they get to perform their songs in studio.