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Tim Tebow Talks About How He Gets Nervous Before A Big Game

Tim Tebow is famously known for NFL career, but he's arguably just as famous for his ability to inspire others. He recently released a new children's book Bronco & Friends: A Party To Remember that's sure to continue his inspiration in others. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about the new book, why he has a CMA Award at his house, and if he ever gets nervous before a game.

Bronco & Friends: A Party To Remember is a children's book that he shares is about worth, meaning, and purpose. Tebow wrote the book to share with others how we're all about one bigger plan. The book carries on his beloved pup Bronco's name, who passed away last year. Not only Bronco is remembered though, the other characters' names in the book are all Make-A-Wish kids who passed away in recent years. Tebow wanted to share an important message while also honoring some really important things in his life. Tebow shared that losing Bronco was like losing a best friend, but he felt really lucky to get the chance to honor him in this new book.

Tebow doesn't just inspire with new books though, he also auctions off his Heisman every year to a better cause. He shared that he doesn't want his award just sitting on his shelf collecting dust, so he allows it to be auctioned off each year with all the money going to a good cause. Whoever purchases it, gets to keep his Heisman at their house for a few months. The last purchaser was none other than country artist Luke Bryan. So Tebow and Bryan swapped awards, Tebow's Heisman is sitting at the Bryan's house while Bryan's CMA Award is sitting at Tebow's home.

With all eyes watching football right now, Tebow talked with Bobby Bones about his times before championship games. He shared that he remembers the morning before a championship game pretty vividly. He confessed that all day you're trying to keep your mind off the game and go through your normal routine. And despite best efforts, "you can't even swallow because you're so nervous."

Knowing Tebow gets nervous just like everyone else is sure to bring some inspiration in itself. And he also shared that he's had some interesting interactions with fans because of his inspiration. He shared that he will be out in public and has gotten people coming up to him to ask for random inspiration or encouragement. He confessed that it does get a little weird, but he loves that he can help and inspire people enough that they feel comfortable to come up to him.