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TMSG: Woman Saves Family From House Fire & It Was Caught On Doorbell Camera

Carolyn Palisch is being hailed a hero after saving her neighbors, a family of 6, from their house fire.

Nicole Salgado and her family woke up New Year's Day to intense knocking at their door in Arizona. Apparently, their house was on fire, but the family was asleep and had no idea. Salgado went to check on her kids when her husband went to the front door. Palisch was hollering that their house was on fire and they needed to get out. Thanks to Palisch alerting the family, everyone was able to get out of the burning home safely.

Minutes after everyone got out of the house, the roof collapsed and smoke filled the inside of their home. Salgado shared their story on TikTok with the Ring Doorbell video of Palisch alerting the family along with the caption, "We are so thankful just to be alive."

Photo: Getty Images