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Lunchbox Spilled The Tea On Eddie's Diet

Over the holiday break, Eddie read Matthew McConaughey's book Greenlights. He finished the book and felt inspired to do something he hadn't really ever done before.

Eddie decided to go on a diet after McConaughey detailed the diet he went on to play a role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. While Eddie doesn't want to lose the same amount of weight McConaughey did, Eddie felt inspired that someone was able to have that much of a discipline for a role. Eddie figured he could be that disciplined to get a little healthier in his life. The diet includes eating two egg whites in the morning and then fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

The lunch and dinner part of the diet have been easy for Eddie, but apparently he hasn't been following the breakfast meals as McConaughey did. Eddie was eating the full eggs for breakfast, not just the egg whites. He didn't know there was a difference and Lunchbox dropped the news on him in our "Spill The Tea" segment. Lunchbox shared that he saw Eddie eating two full eggs while in the studio, not just egg whites.