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TMSG: Amazon Alexa Saves Couple's 5-Month-Old Puppy From House Fire

Jonathan and Kathy live in Orlando, Florida and were visiting a friend just minutes from home when they got an alert about their house on fire.

They received a notification from their Amazon Echo on their phone that was alerting them of glass breaking and smoke alarms going off inside their home. All the couple could think about was their 5-month-old French Bulldog, Cooper.

Jonathan rushed home and ran inside to find their puppy. Seconds later, video shows their driveway filling with smoke as it billowed out of the windows.

Firefighters arrived shortly after and were able to contain the flames. With repairs already underway on their home, the couple is grateful for the little-known feature on their smart device. They credit their Amazon Echo to allowing them to save their puppy's life.

Jonathan told Local 21 News, “If it wasn’t for this piece of technology in our kitchen, our little one wouldn’t be with us today." Kathy added, "It's something that we can't even comprehend, and the fact that we have the opportunity to tell this story, holding him here today, means everything to us."

Photo: Getty Images