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TMSG: Waffle House Server Gets $1K Tip Due To Fantasy Football Penalty

Michael Carsley is a 32-year-old salesman at Parsons Roofing in Atlanta and just like several people, he takes part in an NFL fantasy football league with 11 of his friends.

Also like most fantasy football groups, they had a bet placed on whoever were to finish in last place. The league member that came in last had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. With the provision that for every waffle eaten, one hour would be removed.

Carsley lost and paid his dues for the lost on January 3 at a Waffle House near Atlanta. Two of his fellow fantasy players sat with him and they live streamed fun moments. During the live stream, people were offering up to pay for his waffles. But Carsley thought that was silly, so instead he said anyone who wanted to give to his Venmo, could donate and he would give all the donations to his server.

He started doing an eating challenge, attempting to eat 21 waffles so he could get his punishment down to only 3 hours of staying at the Waffle House. The eating challenge prompted more viewers to the live stream and naturally, more donations to his Venmo.

After eating 18 waffles and sitting at Waffle House for 6 hours, Carsley's tab came to $49. And he had over 90 tip donations totaling $1,040. As promised, Carsley tipped all of the money to his server Mosammat Shumi who was overcome with emotion. In the video, Shumi says, "Oh my God! Really? Are you for real? I cannot believe it! Thank you!"

Photo: Getty Images