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Bobby Shares Checklist Of Things They've Done For Wedding So Far

Bobby Bones and Caitlin's wedding is fast approaching. The two are getting married this summer and during The Bobby Bones Show today, he shared all of the things they have and haven't done so far for their wedding checklist.

He revealed they have secured a venue, a photographer and videographer, and an officiant. And they have both chosen their bridesmaids and groomsmen to stand by their side on the big day. As for the rest of their list, things are definitely in the works but not 100% complete. Bones isn't sure whether Caitlin has confirmed a caterer yet and they have not decided on flowers.

Earlier this year, Bones revealed that Caitlin put him in charge of one thing specifically, the DJ and the live band. He has contacted the person he wants to DJ, but hasn't been able to confirm a date with him yet. He has not decided on a live band, though Raymundo is pitching his friend Eric Dodd for the live band entertainment.

They have finalized their guest list, but one traditional thing they're not doing is save the dates. They decided to just send out wedding invitations with the date on them. Though they're still working to get everyone's addresses.

It was revealed earlier this week that Amy would be one of Caitlin's bridesmaids as well as her daughter Stachira who will be a Junior bridesmaid. Also, Amy's son will be the ring bearer.