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Seaforth Competes Against Raging Idiots To Keep Their Glasses & Hat Look

Country duo Seaforth came from Australia to make a name for themselves in Nashville. They've already signed to a label and are building a loyal following. However, their look caught the attention of one half of the Raging Idiots, Eddie. A Christmas card went out featuring Seaforth on it and Eddie noticed that the duo is pulling off a similar look to Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots with a nice hat and black rimmed glasses.

Eddie brought his thoughts to The Bobby Bones Show where he and Bones decided they needed to battle it out with Seaforth to see who gets to keep the look. They called Seaforth earlier this week to talk about their look and the duo joked that they had been inspired by Bones and Eddie years ago. All jokes aside, they agreed to come on the show to do some chance challenges.

During the show today (January 14), Seaforth came by to compete in two games. First they played a game of chance with eggs. There was a dozen eggs and only one of them was not hard boiled. Seaforth and Raging Idiots had to go back and forth to see who would crack the bad egg on their forehead. Bones started and got lucky with a hard boiled egg, but then Mitch in Seaforth was up and he ended up choosing the raw egg. That put Seaforth with one loss on their side.

Next up, Seaforth and Raging Idiots played some mini hoops in the studio. They got to shoot 7 times, trying to get 7/7 baskets. Seaforth went first only making 2/7 of their shots. Then Eddie shot for The Raging Idiots making his first 3/4. Raging Idiots got the win in both of the games, meaning Seaforth had to give up their hat and classes for the year.

But after doing a performance of their new song "Breakups," Bones felt bad for them. So ultimately it was decided that Seaforth have to send up a hat and pair of glasses to the studio to sit on Bones desk for the year to show off the win, and then sometime in 2021 Seaforth has to come out on the road and open for The Raging Idiots. Before they left, Seaforth also performed a cover of Morgan Wallen's "Chasin' You."