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Blake Shelton Jokes He Has To "Lose 150 Pounds" To Rock His Mullet Again

Blake Shelton released his new song "Minimum Wage" and virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share all the details, plus open up about the first job where he made minimum wage and his thoughts on the return of the mullet.

Shelton and Gwen Stefani's song "Happy Anywhere" has been taking over country radio ever since its release, but now that the song has started to settle down Shelton and his team felt comfortable putting out "Minimum Wage." He shared that he has had the new song recorded for over a year. The song is his first single from his next album, giving fans an idea of what to expect with the next record.

In talking about "Minimum Wage," Shelton shared with Bobby Bones about his first job where he received minimum wage. Shelton roofed houses in Ada, Oklahoma, though he confessed he was receiving a bit more than minimum wage at the time. He joked that he "stepped right into the big money with that one." During the job, he was carrying shingles and tearing off roofs. He believes that this job was the only time in his life that he was ever in shape. When the song was first announced on a televised show, Shelton received some backlash from people online. He confessed that it was kind of an eye roll moment. He felt that those having problems with the song weren't really country music fans or they were just looking for a fight.

His other recently popular song "God's Country" was written by fellow country artists Devin Dawson and Hardy. Dawson shared the story behind the song on the latest BobbyCast, but Bones asked Shelton to share him getting the song from his perspective. Shelton was working on the farm and was trying to set up a new bluetooth system for one of his rigs. He wanted to test out the bluetooth to see if he got it, so he opened up his email to see a list of songs from Dawson and Hardy. He clicked on "God's Country" first and was immediately blown away. Shelton knew right away the song was a game changer and believed it would start a new chapter for him and it did.

As for all the talk about mullets, Shelton offered up his opinions on the trend making a comeback. He confessed that he's a little jealous he doesn't have his mullet right now. He did attempt to grow his mullet back out while in quarantine, but he joked that you can't be fat and have a mullet. He believes that in order to get away with it, you have to have something else going on for you. He added that back in the day it worked for him, but that's not how things are for him now. He continued his spiel by adding that if he is ever going to have his mullet again, he has to lose 150 pounds.