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TMSG: 9-Year-Old Boy Rescues Sister From Carjacking

The Walker family is feeling very grateful for their son's quick actions after something went wrong during a gas station stop.

Kristen Walker was outside pumping gas and her two kids were in the car waiting. That's when a man came up and pointed a gun at her.

9-year-old Ethan Walker saw it happen and knew something was wrong. Within seconds, Ethan quickly unbuckled his 5-year-old sister's seatbelt and they were both able to escape the car. Shortly after, the man drove away with their car. Kristen was in tears not knowing if her children were going to be taken, but all thanks to her 9-year-old's quick thinking, they were safe.

Ethan's dad Brian Walker was devastated when he got the call and was not able to help rescue his family, but he was proud of his son. He told ABC 3340 News, "That calmness, at least a little bit, to be able to get over there and unbuckle the car seat without fumbling or freaking out to where he couldn’t get it done – he kept his composure and did a fantastic job."

Photo: Getty Images