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Bobby's Fiancé Caitlin's Grandpa's House Robbed While He Was In Hospital

During The Bobby Bones Show today (January 20), Bobby Bones was sharing an update on his fiancé Caitlin's grandpa and what happened when he was recently in the hospital.

Bones first shared that Caitlin's grandpa was battling COVID-19 and was in the hospital "on machines." Since then, he's shared that he was out of the hospital but still on machines. They kept getting good updates that he was recovering well from his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Unfortunately, they received some bad news in recent days. Her grandpa is still doing well in his recovery, but while he was in the hospital, someone broke into his house. The thieves stole his belongings and several guns from his family's gun collection. The incident happened outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma and now Bones is offering up some things to get all of Caitlin's grandpa's things returned. Bones said he wouldn't ask questions and would give someone $1K for all of the items to be returned. He further added that anyone can call into The Bobby Bones Show (1-877-77-BOBBY) if they may have any information about the incident.