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Sheriff On Caitlin's Grandpa's House Case Calls Into The Show

During The Bobby Bones Show yesterday (January 20), Bobby Bones shared the good news that his fiancé Caitlin's grandpa was out of the hospital, though still recovering from COVID-19.

However, he also shared that while her grandpa was in the hospital, someone broke into his home. The thieves took several of his personal belongings along with many guns from his family's gun collection. Bones was offering a reward and no questions asked to whoever could help bring back all of his things.

On today's show (January 21) we got a really big update from the Sheriff on the case from Haskell County Sheriff's Office. He called in to let Bones know they named a suspect in the case, Ollie Nichols. They were searching for him and hoping to recover all of the stolen guns and property.